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Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Founder and CEO

Where Mainstream Fears to Tread

About The People's Voice Collective

In a world where mainstream media serves as the mouthpiece for the global elite, The People's Voice has emerged as a distinct and independent force. We proudly introduce The People's Voice Collective ($TPVC), a legally registered corporation in the Joseon Empire, functioning as a cutting-edge Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

The People's Voice is a massive news network with a top website and video channel.

Determined to expose the crimes of the global elite and wake people up to the truth, The People's Voice has exploded in popularity, gaining more than 50 million views in just 9 months, while consistently setting the agenda on Twitter/X and featuring on Rumble's top trending lists.

The time has come to expand and we want to invite you on the journey.

Join The Media Revolution with The People's Voice Collective ($TPVC)

Screenshot taken October 18, 2023; TPV generally always trends

Witness the Revolution: Our Explosive Growth

Take a look at typical views on CNN or Fox and compare that to the typical views on our videos.

These channels aren't fairing any better on prime time television either:

Though a tiny operation, we've outpaced most of the others in our space. In the graph below, the larger channels here are massive organizations - for example, OANN is a cable television network.

Yet, we continue to break stories faster than others and remain a source of information in news, with our traffic and viewership in effect reflecting this.

Who Are We?

We are a fearless, independent news outlet, staffed by former mainstream media journalists who refuse to play the twisted games forced on the media by their paymasters, the global elite. Our secret formula? Simple. Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Nothing is off-limits.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Editor in Chief and CEO

Having cut his teeth in the mainstream media, including stints at the BBC, Sean witnessed the corruption within the system and developed a burning desire to expose the secrets that protect the elite and allow them to continue waging war on humanity.

Mainstream media, Sean realized, is nothing more than the PR department of the global elite.

Disturbed by the agenda of the elites and dissatisfied with the alternative media, Sean decided it was time to shake things up. Enter The People's Voice (TPV), a revolutionary platform that immediately made waves in the media landscape. With an unwavering vision, Sean faced adversity, death threats, and attempts to undermine both him and those around him. But undeterred, he kept pushing forward.

TPV, under Sean’s leadership, became a force to be reckoned with, publishing groundbreaking scoops (the original Pizzagate reportage, WEF scoops) and played a role in flipping the mainstream media’s coronation of Hillary Clinton into the election of Trump. In the face of adversity, Sean was not just the first target of the so-called fact-checkers; he became a pioneer in exposing the very fact-checkers who sought to censor him.

Now, as the CEO of TPV leading the charge against the global elite and their evil agenda, Sean remains resolute in his vow to never surrender. Will you join him in his mission to wake up the masses to what is really going on in the world today?

Baxter Dmitry


Baxter brings a wealth of experience as a former mainstream media journalist who woke up and chose the path of truth over deceit. Disillusioned with the lies and cover-ups prevalent in mainstream media, Baxter embarked on a journalistic journey with a mission: to speak truth to power and expose the elite rather than conceal their crimes.

With over a decade of experience in covering global affairs, Baxter has cultivated a network of sources worldwide, including influential hubs like Davos and the United Nations. His dedication to uncovering the realities behind the headlines has earned him the trust of sources within mainstream media who entrust him with scoops that their outlets won't dare publish.

Baxter's commitment extends beyond reporting; he envisions TPV as a beacon of truth and transparency in media. As part of the TPV team, he invites others to join him on this journey of growth, integrity, and fearless journalism. Will you be a part of the team that challenges the status quo and prioritizes truth above all else?

Niamh Harris


The People's Voice Collective and TPVC Coin

In an era marked by the pervasive spread of misinformation, the quest for a truthful, transparent media platform led by the people, for the people, is more urgent than ever. The People’s Voice Collective (TPVC) embodies this quest, standing as a beacon of unfiltered truth in a murky media landscape. Now, with the introduction of TPVC Coin, the final piece of this transformative puzzle is unveiled.

Why TPVC Coin?

The Promising Horizon Your Investment Unlocks:


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